Bioproducts & Environment

Strengthening environmental sustainability and developing bio-based resources of the future.

IMPACTOntario Genomics catalyzes ground-breaking research to unlock the power of Ontario’s genomics technologies to develop real-world industrial biotech and environment solutions.

Enabling environmental assessment and monitoring to better understand biological diversity and mitigate threats.

Improving bioremediation and leaching techniques to improve mining and production processes, helping reduce environmental risks.

Enhancing biofuel and biochemical manufacturing through the identification of high-impact strategies and biological pathways.

Engineering custom microbes for efficient production of bio-based products.

Overview and Vision

Genomics research in industrial biotechnology and environment is an emerging field, its applications and opportunities are being recognized as a source of tremendous potential growth, and a way to position the sector to tackle the growing environmental challenges of the world. Government and industry leaders are looking to the bioproducts sector to address the pressing environmental challenges of the 21st century, from the detrimental levels of greenhouse gas emissions accumulated through our current system of production and consumption, to the dwindling reserves of nonrenewable resources such as petroleum.

At Ontario Genomics, we aim to understand both the challenges and opportunities in this sector. We are strengthening environmental sustainability across the spectrum and supporting Ontario’s bioproducts industries to innovate and transition away from harmful processes through a circular bioeconomy approach. The development of a thriving bioproducts sector in Ontario will enable businesses and industries alike to become active players in this global push while simultaneously capturing economic growth.

Bioproducts & Environment Initiatives

Ontario Genomics generates environmental, industrial biotech, economic, and social impacts through targeted, challenge-driven genomics initiatives.

This Fellowship will support early-career investigators pursuing research in statistical genetics, environmental genetics, or the economics and impacts of genomic technologies, in a climate-changing world.

This initiative is investing $30 million in cutting-edge genomics research and innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of Canada’s food production systems.

Enabling genomics and engineering biology start-ups to solve global challenges in therapeutics, future of food, biomaterials, biological tools, diagnostics, bioinformatics, and AI-based technologies.

Projects in Bioproducts & Environment

Driving environmental sustainability and developing the resources and bioproducts of the future.

Success Stories

Bioproducts & Environment
“Antenna-in-a-cell”: Forest Insect Pest Research and Management
Insects damage important crops and forests, and some insect species are responsible for the transmission of disease. If we better understand which compounds mediate the
Bioproducts & Environment

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