Behind every innovation, technology, and ground-breaking discovery are the passionate people who devote themselves to this impactful work.  Ontario Genomics is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a positive, diverse and exciting work environment with competitive salary and benefits and the potential for career growth.

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IDEA statement

As an evidence-based, science-driven organization, Ontario Genomics knows that a dedication to the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) is paramount to realizing our mission of Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Planet through Genomics Innovations. We encourage defining our work in genomics with equity at its center. This extends to our hiring philosophy, wherein we strive to recruit and retain talent that represents the diversity in the populations that we serve. More specifically, Ontario Genomics exemplifies these principles by:


We celebrate, create space, and amplify the perspectives, voices, values, and needs of people who experience systemic barriers, mistreatment, or disadvantages based on their identities and abilities. Inclusion is about listening and incorporating a diversity of voices, even when they challenge the status quo. It is about promoting an institutional culture and practices to ensure all can experience a welcoming space of fairness, dignity, human flourishing, and a feeling of belonging.


We encourage a holistic, data-driven point-of-view that incorporates many backgrounds, based on the countless visible and invisible facets of diversity. Diversity drives the principals of IDEA but in and of itself is not sufficient. We are committed cultivating an environment in which those who have been historically disadvantaged and are currently under-represented feel welcome, valued, and psychologically safe within the community.


We approach our work with a vigilant eye towards justice and fairness to ensure everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources, while acknowledging and considering systemic barriers and differing life experiences. An equitable workplace requires identifying patterns of inequities and making changes to systems, cultures and processes that obstruct members of the community from achieving their full potential.


We work to accommodate the individual needs and preferences of our team, partners, and stakeholders. Accessibility is a foundational principle necessary for the removal of barriers to equitable participation in all aspects of life by people living with diverse visual, motor, auditory, learning, and cognitive abilities. It requires designing environments, programs, services, and products from the outset, so they are accessible to people living with various abilities.

We encourage everyone with a passion for genomics and biosciences to apply to join our team today to help us create a healthier and more sustainable world.

Our Team at Work and Play

Ready to harness the force of genomics, we’ve got a well-seasoned team at the helm. Ontario Genomics is working to make a difference in the world with a fantastic team of inspired people. 

Driven by a passionate for innovation and making a difference, I find myself lucky enough to work with many amazing stakeholders every day to help make that innovation happen.

There has been a major step change in our ability to use biology to make things more sustainably. Building what Ontario’s innovators need to solve major challenges is what drives me every day.