Human Health

We are revolutionizing health and healthcare by enabling lifesaving, breakthrough genomics-based diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

impactOntario Genomics catalyzes ground-breaking research to unlock the power of Ontario’s genomics technologies to develop real-world human health solutions.

Rapidly detect disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens informing public health.

Accurately identify genetic pre-disposition to diseases enabling timely, tailored healthcare.

Implementing precision medicine approaches to select best therapeutic interventions improving prognosis.

Monitor the impact of lifestyle and environment on the genome, and in turn, individual health.

Developing “targeted” drugs specific to infectious organisms or diseases for more effective, and less toxic treatments.

Improving diagnosis and understanding of disease progression to unlock patient-centric healthcare advances.

Overview and Vision

Genomics is helping us tackle the greatest health challenges of our time, driving life-saving breakthroughs and unlocking revolutionary advances in personalized medicine. Fueled by over twenty years of Ontario Genomics investment, genomics-enabled precision health tools are speeding up diagnoses, improving health outcomes and disease management. Genomics is also playing a leading role in Ontario’s response to major public health challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic—enabling vaccine development at record speed and large-scale sequencing efforts to track and understand the pandemic. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many possibilities of genomics in health. Genomics has already made tangible improvements in health outcomes and treatment of patients affected by cancer, cardiac diseases, autism, and rare diseases, among other chronic and acute conditions. Ontario Genomics is also advancing the “One Health: A Healthier Future for All” approach, addressing the interconnectedness of people, animals, plants and their shared environment to strengthen Ontarian, Canadian, and global, health security.

Human Health Initiatives

Ontario Genomics generates health, economic, social, and environmental impacts through targeted, challenge-driven genomics initiatives.

CORGI is a game-changing initiative to analyze COVID-19 in wastewater to improve public health response and better understand outbreaks in communities across Ontario.

Ontario’s COVID-19 Genomics Rapid Response Coalition accelerates the genomic characterization and surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Ontario and to help expedite patient genome sequencing through a collaborative approach.

Ontario Genomics plays an integral role in the All for One precision health initiative to advance a new standard of health care for Canadians, expanding access to precision health solutions for diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening rare genetic diseases.

Projects in Health

Advancing the clinical implementation of genomics-based therapeutics and precision health to improve patient care in Ontario.

Success Stories

Human Health
New Genomics Analysis Methods with Micro Laser Beams
Not all cells in our bodies are created equal. Scientists around the world are working hard to understand the differences. The work has been difficult,

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