Building partnerships with like-minded stakeholders to tackle pressing challenges like climate change, food insecurity, as well as acute and chronic illnesses would not be possible without our community of Ontario and Canada visionaries – the academics, entrepreneurs, trainees, government, business, and institutional leaders who inspire us to achieve our deliverables as we diversify and grow our business.

Making an Impact

Through the critical support of our partners, Ontario Genomics has been able to make impacts across sectors enabling a genomics revolution to chart the future of health, agriculture and agri-foods, environmental sustainability, and bioproducts.


Active Project Portfolio




Patents Awarded

All statistics shown are reflective since 2000.

Since its inception, Ontario Genomics has secured over $450 million of Genome Canada funding with total budgets (including co-funding) of more than $1.2 billion for over 200 Ontario-led genomics research initiatives, which has translated into new discoveries, products, and companies.

Ontario Genomics is partly funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Colleges and Universities as the province’s only entity focused on stimulating and nurturing genomics innovation across various sectors of Ontario’s economy. 

Ontario Genomics partners with the Ministry to drive system-level collaboration and innovation.

Genome Canada has been driving Canada’s genomics revolution for more than 20 years, delivering impact for Canadians across sectors and enabling researchers to chart the future of health, agriculture, natural resources and environmental sustainability. 

We are a key partner in building the Canadian Genomics Ecosystem by working with our provincial government partners to align on mutually beneficial project funding opportunities between Ontario Genomics and Genome Canada at a federal level. 

We are also working proactively with other Provincial Genome Centres to contribute to and drive aspects of the Pan-Canadian Genomics Strategy.

Our Network

The Canadian Genomics Enterprise

Ontario Genomics benefits greatly from strong collaborations with our many partners across Canada. The Canadian Genomics Enterprise is a pan-Canadian network comprising Genome Canada and six independent regional Genome Centres, including Ontario Genomics.

This federated model:

  • Leverages federal investment through Genome Canada and regional investment from provincial governments, industry, universities, and non-profits through the Genome Centres to deliver research and innovation partnerships. 
  • Maximizes the impact of investments in genomics research and innovation by aligning regional strengths and needs with national priorities—and by facilitating cross-sectoral partnerships.
Impact Across Ontario and Canada

As an integral part of the Canadian Genomics Enterprise network, Ontario Genomics helps make Canada a world leader in research exploring the impact and implications of genomics in society. In collaboration with the Genome Centres, we excel at building public awareness and genomics literacy in Ontario and across Canada. 

Ontario Genomics provides deep regional and cross-sectoral knowledge as we broker successful partnerships with researchers, industry, and other end users through hands-on stewardship. We deliver project management excellence, convening and connecting regional stakeholders and building local capacity. Our strong relationships with provincial governments and regional research and innovation partners are vital to ensuring federal and provincial strategies are aligned and optimized.

Other Partners

 Ontario Genomics has partnered with renowned organizations – colleges, universities, research institutes, and industry – to create and deliver the portfolio of genomics programs it has developed since 2000. 

In addition, Ontario Genomics has collaborated with an array of funding partners – domestic and international, public and private, and academic and commercial – to develop this portfolio.

Over the years, Ontario Genomics has wholeheartedly committed itself to leading across sectors, seeking impact in every corner of the province. The relationships we’ve built along the way continue to allow Ontario Genomics to nurture and harness the very best research and innovation and catalyze it to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

The ability of this research to effectively incorporate COVID-19 related work speaks to the agility and transferability of genomics. From food/agricultural production, including new production methods such as cellular agriculture, to environmental solutions, and public health crisis interventions, Ontario Genomics is ready at the helm to support the applied research that can have an incredible impact.

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