Agriculture & Food

Building a modern genomics and engineering biology-based, sustainable agriculture and food ecosystem.

IMPACTOntario Genomics catalyzes ground-breaking research to unlock the power of Ontario’s genomics technologies to develop real-world agriculture and food solutions.

Increasing crop yields by improving resistance to disease, pests, frost, drought, and other environmental factors.

Bringing new innovative food and agriculture and food products to the market including those produced through cellular agriculture.

Enabling global food security by understanding and protecting the health of crop and pollinator species.

Improving human and animal health by breeding healthy, higher quality livestock with favourable traits.

Enhancing food safety, quality, and traceability while decreasing food waste and promoting sustainable production practices.

Overview and Vision

Food security and safety, pests and climate change are just a few of the challenges facing agriculture in Ontario and around the world. As an agriculture and food industry leader in North America, Ontario is poised to address these important hurdles and opportunities in order to continue producing abundant nutritious food and healthy animals for its 14.5 million residents.

Advances in emerging genomics-based technologies offer novel tools and breakthrough solutions to our most significant food security challenges. Ontario Genomics enables the adoption and use of these technologies to help facilitate the development and commercialization of new products and improve production processes for food producers, manufacturers, and consumers, ensuring that Ontario remains ahead of the food security curve.

Agriculture & Food Initiatives

Ontario Genomics generates agriculture, food, economic, social, and environmental impacts through targeted, challenge-driven genomics initiatives.

Investing $30 million in cutting-edge genomics research and innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of Canada’s food production systems.

Educational resource for Ontario students and teachers to explore the intersection of genomics, agriculture, and food.

AcCELLerate-ON, Canada’s first regional cellular agriculture competition, invests in the future of sustainable, resilient, and economically viable food.

Projects in Agriculture & Food

Strengthening food security, producing healthier and high-quality food with less environmental impact.

Success Stories

Agriculture & Food
Healthy Plant Growth with Enhanced Nutrition in Soil
Natural soil bacteria can play a critical role in plant health. Ontario Genomics is providing seed funding for an academic-industry partnership to identify soil containing

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