Our Impact

Since our inception in 2000, Ontario Genomics has supported over $1.7 billion in follow-on investment for applied genomics research in Ontario and supporting over 20,000 trainees and high-skilled jobs. We have 110+ active projects and over 500 impactful partnerships supporting a total Ontario GDP growth of over $1.8 billion since 2013.

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Our impact extends beyond Ontario and Canada to the whole world. By supporting innovation and science, our community is able to make amazing strides to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

The advent of groundbreaking and more affordable genome sequencing and gene editing technologies and the continued convergence of the life and data sciences have driven the broader application of genomics and engineering biology and the coming of age of a bio-revolution.

Global Technology Disruption is Our Opportunity

Ontario Genomics leverages its unique position to help Ontario fully capitalize on the health, economic, and environmental benefits in a genomics- and engineering biology-enabled world and catapult the province to national and international leadership in the global bio-revolution.

Making an Impact in Society

Ontario Genomics unlocks the potential of genomics innovation by supporting cutting-edge Made-in-Ontario solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.


Follow-on Investment
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GDP Growth Supported
(Since 2013)


Active Portfolio of Projects

  • We are strengthening environmental sustainability across sectors and supporting Ontario’s bioproducts industries to innovate and transition away from harmful processes through a circular bioeconomy approach.
  • We are building on our existing leadership to support a modern engineering biology-based, sustainable agriculture and food ecosystem. 
  • We are spearheading a dynamic, integrated genomics strategy for better health, healthcare, and pandemic preparedness. 

Ontario Genomics also enables challenge-oriented knowledge translation, training, education, and talent development across sectors through various programs to strengthen Ontario’s research and innovation potential.

Thanks to your ground-breaking work, Ontario is becoming a global leader in research and innovation across sectors such as health, agriculture and agri-food, bioproducts, natural resources, and the environment. Genomics technologies and tools have the potential to transform lives and help solve some of our biggest challenges. Your support for genomics research is having a large impact on Ontarians’ health care and well-being.”

My research interest in genomics is in understanding the best use of genomics in infection prevention, particularly outbreak management. But much of my work in this pandemic has been to try to develop strategies to make sure that samples and meta-data are available to support everyone’s research agendas. The ONCoV Genomics Coalition, built by Ontario Genomics, has provided a vital platform to facilitate this.

Ontario Genomics is the hub for the province’s genomics research and has shown leadership in this trying time through initiatives like ONCoV, which helped create a collaborative network to support Ontario’s response to the pandemic. Ontario Genomics provided invaluable user feedback and commercialization guidance to support the success and scalability of COVID Cloud. We are excited to continue our collaboration and extend the reach of this technology beyond COVID-19 to other public health crises and specialty disease areas.

Solving complex problems such as a worldwide pandemic and climate change requires transdisciplinary approaches across the life sciences. Genome Canada, together with Ontario Genomics and Canada’s other regional Genome Centres, is on a mission to deliver genomic solutions for pandemic preparedness, biomanufacturing, and our developing bio-economy.

GIFS is building out its biomanufacturing platform to scale up research, development, and production in agriculture and food. We’re pleased to be a member of the Ontario Genomics-led National Engineering Biology Steering Committee, driving Canada’s strategy for biomanufacturing that’s projected to have a huge impact on agri-food over the next decade.

Congratulations to Ontario Genomics for 20 years of revolutionizing genomics research and commercialization in Ontario. It is because of your commitment to excellence and leadership in the field, that Ontario continues to create strategic genomics resources and advances the development of globally competitive life sciences sectors.”

Ontario Genomics continues to create successful public-private partnerships that capitalize on the very best Ontario has to offer. Ontario is well positioned to turn genomic discoveries into “made-in-Ontario” technologies and products that impact our communities and support job creation and economic growth.


Impact in the Genomics Sectors

Our impact focus translates world-class genomics research and leading-edge innovation into solutions to today’s greatest challenges.

Success Stories

Bioproducts & Environment
Diversifying Ontario’s Forestry Sector with New High-Value Materials
Canada’s forestry sector contributes significantly to jobs and GDP, but the industry is being challenged by the digitization of print and global market pressures. A