Strategic Vision


Unlocking Ontario’s Bio-Potential

Ontario Genomics Strategic Vision & Framework 2021-2026

We live in unprecedented times. That is why Ontario Genomics’ vision endeavours to find solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges: climate change, food insecurity, and acute and chronic disease. These concerns will increasingly impact the health and well-being of Ontario’s people and economy.

Our Strategic Vision is a product of engaging with nearly 200 stakeholders from across Ontario, Canada and the world. Together we envision genomics and engineering biology enabling a global technology disruption poised to address these challenges for a healthier future for all.

Over the next five years, Ontario Genomics will leverage its unique position to help Ontario fully capitalize on the health, economic and environmental benefits in a genomics- and engineering biology- enabled world and catapult the province to national and international leadership in the global bio-revolution.

We believe that agility, efficiency, multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral thinking, and deep genomics and engineering biology expertise are at the heart of a thriving biotechnology ecosystem. By breaking down siloes, driving policy modernization, and meeting market demands our Strategic Vision aspires to nurture Ontario’s competitive and innovative advantage for generations to come.

Building a world-class, mission-driven one health genomics and engineering biology innovation ecosystem in Ontario to accelerate the collective achievement of beneficial outcomes.

Driving applied research, development, and commercialization of made-in-Ontario genomics- and engineering biology-based innovations to create new jobs, companies, and business outcomes.

Developing talent for trans-disciplinary jobs that integrates diverse and multidisciplinary scientific expertise with market-focused business acumen.

Engaging with key communities to drive adoption of genomics-based solutions and empowering people with an understanding of the positive impact of genomics and engineering biology in their everyday lives.