What is Genomics?

Every living organism has DNA – a code that directs its biological functions and influences how it grows and interacts with the environment. Genomics is the science of understanding, interpreting and harnessing this DNA code to create real-world solutions.

Recent advances in our ability to quickly and inexpensively sequence DNA and interpret genes to understand the individual functions they code for has expanded the applications and economic value of genomics as a whole.

Understanding the genomics of our biological planet is central to addressing the many challenges facing the world today, from climate change and global population growth to increasing food and energy demands and chronic health issues. The insights gleaned from genomics hold the key to unleashing innovations across industries, driving economic growth and improving the quality of life for people across the globe:

  • Learning how to utilize the genomes of the billions of species of microbes on the earth will allow us to improve the water we drink, the air we breathe and the way we extract minerals or energy from the earth
  • Understanding our own genetic make-up will lead to better healthcare and preventative measures
  • Improving the genetic make-up of our food will make for more effective agriculture

Genomics is the most transformative technology of the 21st century.