Engineering Biology

Ontario Genomics provides an engineering biology ecosystem to leverage Ontario’s tremendous advantage and capacity to collaborate across sectors and provinces to lead the 4th industrial revolution and the global bioeconomy-fueled markets.

Building on our existing leadership to establish Ontario as a global leader in advanced biomanufacturing.

Engineering (synthetic) biology, an emerging branch of genomics encompassing tools and methodologies to write DNA, is a critical driver of Ontario’s future economy and well-being. Engineering biology includes the design and construction of new biological molecules, pathways, cells, and organisms, as well as the re-design of existing biological systems to create fundamentally distinctive bio-solutions for Ontario and Canada’s human health, agriculture and food, as well as industrial biotech and environmental challenges.

Engineering biology tools and technologies are disrupting global markets and transforming how we make things. Ontario Genomics is building on our existing leadership to support a modern engineering biology-based, sustainable bioeconomy in the province, and to establish Ontario as a global leader in novel, industrial scale advanced biomanufacturing technologies and biotechnologies that will benefit numerous end users.

Through our strategic initiatives and support for emerging technologies, Ontario Genomics continues to drive the growth of the biomanufacturing sector, enabling transformative advancements in circular economy practices and the utilization of cellular agriculture for sustainable food and material production.

Watch What Engineering Biology Can D0

See how Engineering Biology is addressing global, real-world challenges across a range of critical impact sectors.

Canada SynBio Conference

The Canada SynBio Conference focuses on bringing together researchers, industry, government, students, and academics to showcase the successes and opportunities of engineering biology in Ontario, Canada, and the world.

CanDESyNe: Powered by Ontario Genomics

The Canadian DNA Engineering Systems Network (CanDESyNe) serves as the gateway to Canada’s industry-led engineering biology-enabled biomanufacturing and biotechnology ecosystem.


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