Canada SynBio Conference

The Canada SynBio Conference focuses on bringing together researchers, industry, government, students, and academics to showcase the successes and opportunities of engineering biology in Ontario, Canada, and the world. 

“We all have accountability to ensure that the breakthroughs we need to make for innovation to happen are happening to advance this impactful sector of engineering biology, right here in Ontario, in Canada and beyond. Don’t forget, great happens together.” – Dr. Bettina Hamelin, President and CEO, Ontario Genomics.

Ontario Genomics hosted the inaugural annual national Canada SynBio Conference in 2018 with the vision of harnessing the collective knowledge, experience, and creativity of stakeholders from all segments of the bioeconomy to advance Canada’s position as a global leader in the field of Engineering Biology.

As the global bio-revolution accelerates around us and Canada embarks on a reflection of a Canadian genomics strategy, our goal is to continue to foster the connections, networks, and communities that will advance a common vision and Canada’s position as a leader in engineering biology.

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