Essential to all living creatures, water is a critical component for virtually all human activities – from cooking and farming to industrial processing and manufacturing. However, water scarcity, water safety, and effective water treatment are serious global issues that must be addressed on both a national and international scale.

Ontario (a name which originates from the Iroquois word meaning ‘beautiful lake’) borders four of the five Great Lakes and contains one-fifth of the world’s fresh water. The province’s rich groundwater resources, streams, rivers and lakes are the primary sources of water for its 13 million residents. This reliance on, and close proximity to, such unparalleled freshwater reserves has prioritized access to safe drinking water, wastewater and storm water treatment, and the protection of watersheds in Ontario.

Such dedication to safeguarding our water has cultivated a strong research and development culture in Ontario, fostering a rich ecosystem consisting of more than 100 water-related research institutes, groups and centres. Many innovative clean water technologies utilizing transformative genomic sciences have developed out of this milieu and have achieved success on a global scale.

Within the water sector, genomics helps to:

  • Develop tools for faster and more comprehensive water monitoring for contaminants of existing and emerging concern such as pathogens and pollutants
  • Optimize the microbial processes in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
  • Test and enhance techniques for remediating eutrophic lakes and ponds

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