Bioproducts is an emerging and rapidly growing sector incorporating the chemicals, materials and energy products made from biological material and biomass such as plants, forestry byproducts and municipal waste.

Government and industry leaders are looking to the bioproducts sector to address the pressing environmental challenges of the 21st century, from the detrimental levels of greenhouse gas emissions accumulated through our current system of production and consumption, to the dwindling reserves of nonrenewable resources such as petroleum.

With bio-based activities worth $87.8 billion of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013, Canada has already taken the first steps towards building an economic foundation in this burgeoning global market expected to grow to $700.7 billion over the next two years.

The development of a thriving bioproducts sector in Ontario will enable businesses and industries alike to become active players in this global push while simultaneously capturing economic growth.

Within the bioproducts sector, genomics helps to:

  • Optimize feedstock production by breeding crops with better traits
  • Enhance biofuel and biochemical manufacturing through the identification of high-yield biological enzymes and pathways
  • Engineer custom microbes for the efficient production of biochemicals and biofuels

At Ontario Genomics, we aim to understand both the challenges and opportunities in the bioproducts sector. We will work with you to help find innovative solutions to address these needs.  Learn more about how Ontario Genomics can help your business.

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