GE³LS Research in Ontario

GE³LS research funded through Ontario Genomics takes two major forms:

Large-scale, stand-alone GE³LS research – Large-scale projects which allow researchers to delve deeply into critical genomics-related economic, environmental, ethical, legal, and social issues, such as the Program on Ethics and Commercialization (formerly the Canadian Program on Genomics and Global Health).

Integrated GE³LS research – Smaller-scale GE³LS research initiatives forming part of large-scale genomics-based research programs. All Large Scale Applied Research Projects (LSARP) funded through Genome Canada must include GE³LS research, in which social scientists and humanists (such as economists, ethicists, and lawyers) work with the scientists to address relevant GE³LS issues. Integrated GE³LS research for previously-funded LSARP projects include the following:

To develop GE³LS research initiatives for your genomics-related project, learn more about GE³LS Experts in Ontario.