GeneMANIA is a comprehensive web-based genomic and data analysis tool intended for simple gene function prediction. The GeneMANIA data warehouse includes over 160 million interactions, from more than 130,000 genes, from six different organisms. GeneMANIA is freely available as open-source software. Additionally, a free online tutorial can be found on the OpenHelix website. GeneMANIA was developed and is being maintained by a research team funded by Genome Canada through OGI.

Cytoscape Web
Cytoscape Web is an online interface that can be used with GeneMANIA to visualize the composite network that are associated with a set of input genes. This tool is freely available as open-source software and was developed by a research team funded by Genome Canada through Ontario Genomics.  Cytoscape Web is now actively developed as part of the open source Cytoscape project.

Automated Splice Site Analyses
A web-based software tool for the prediction of the effects of sequence changes that alter mRNA splicing in human disease.  This tool is used by researchers acroos Canada and worldwide, resulting in more than 130 citations to date.

eFISH (electronic fluorescence in situ hybridization)
eFISH is a BLAST-based program that facilitates the choice of appropriate clones for FISH and CGH experiments, as well as interpretation of results in which genomic DNA probes are used in hybridization-based experiments.

Network Analysis, Visualization & Graphing TORonto (NAViGaTOR)
NAViGaTOR is a software package for visualization and analysis of protein-protein interaction networks in two or three dimensions (2D or 3D, respectively). It is downloadable free of charge for academic and not-for-profit institutions.