Development of LSPR Sensor Technology for Next Generation Biosensors (2017)


Bioproducts & Environment


Nicoya Lifesciences, a nanotechnology sensor company that builds novel products for the life sciences industry, has created OpenSPR, a label-free, real time molecule sensor, and the world’s only benchtop SPR instrument. This flagship product, which can be used to monitor and analyze proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, and small molecules, has broad-ranging applications from basic research and medical diagnostics to industrial sensing.
To expand its market reach into medical diagnostics and enter new markets such as food quality monitoring, Nicoya is developing a new LSPR sensor chip technology that enables the accurate measurements of samples from crude or complex media such as water, food matrices, human saliva and more. With a granted patent on this technology, and demonstrated experimental proof of concept, Nicoya will utilise Ontario Genomics’ PBDF investment to begin to commercialize this novel sensor technology for the proteomics and genomics industry.