Caribou Genomics: A National Non-Invasive Monitoring Approach for an Iconic Model Species-At-Risk


Bioproducts & Environment


Caribou has been identified as a priority species for recovery by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) in consultation with provinces, territories, and Indigenous groups. Significant efforts are being made by all levels of government to gain a better understanding of the factors affecting this iconic species, including climate change, and identify the best options for monitoring the effectiveness of recovery options. The goal of this project is to build upon their established caribou genetics research program to implement a genomics platform that will enable i) long-term, non-invasive genomic monitoring of boreal caribou, ii) allow for compatibility among different data generators and, iii) house data in an open access repository that supports analytical toolkits for use by partners. Investing in the implementation of such a genomic platform will allow comparisons through space and time to monitor the recovery of caribou populations and inform conservation efforts.