Evolved (formerly Caro Meats): Creating cultivated pork belly that is identical to conventional pork belly


Agriculture & Food


Global demand for meat is expected to rise by over 75 % by 2050, and conventional agriculture will have to be supplemented by new methods, such as cultivated meat production, to meet this need sustainably. The majority of cultivated meat products in development are equivalent to current processed meat options and contain additives to enhance taste and texture and provide structure.

Evolved intends to create whole cuts of scaffold-free cultivated meat that are structurally and biochemically identical to conventional meat products. Using their proprietary cell sheet engineering techniques and transitioning their products from muscle to meat, Evolved will create cultivated meat products, from any livestock species, that align with consumer preferences and consumption habits. Focusing here on pork, Evolved will develop a 4-step quality control system:

  • Create a proteomic data set (baseline) for conventional pork by acquiring and testing different cuts from different breeds of pig
  • Test the proteomic data from Evolved’s porcine samples against the baseline data
  • Perform targeted protein studies on Evolved’s porcine samples for known biomarkers of meat quality
  • Evaluate the organoleptic properties of their porcine samples against the data obtained

Moreover, the proteomic data set for conventional pork will be made open-source for access by interested parties in the cellular agriculture ecosystem.