Ontario Genomics Institute /
2012 Annual Report


Tools and technologies enabled by genomics research are making our environment more sustainable.

(pictured from left to right):
Brian UnderdownChair, Board of Directors
Mark PoznanskyPresident and CEO

Message from the CEO & Chairman


In last year's annual report, we shared our vision for the future and the vital role genomics will play in its creation. Every year we discover more about the genome – the genetic code for all living things – how it works, and how we can use this information to solve our real-world challenges.

As knowledge and technology converge we are experiencing a radical change in how we interact with our world. In addition, with the shrinking growth of the world economy, government funders are increasingly looking for a return on their investment.

The Ontario Genomics Institute’s (OGI) commitment to meeting the needs of Ontario's science and business communities is embodied in our mission to drive a globally competitive life sciences industry in our province, and to be a major catalyst in health, agriculture, and the environment. Although we are a relatively small organization, OGI’s impact is significant. In 2011/12 we flowed over $19 million into genomics research, which was leveraged into nearly $59 million of investment into Ontario’s economy.

Genomics is now a powerful technology to increase efficiency and sustainability across a variety of sectors. No longer only associated with health, genomics can provide solutions in clean water, sustainable development and agriculture. OGI works to provide the bridge between industry and academia by funding pre-commercialization ideas, providing science with industry workshops and facilitating partnership opportunities between academia and industry. As the needs and challenges of the life sciences industry evolve, OGI will continue to seize our opportunities to have the greatest impact on the economy and welfare of Ontario.

We would like to extend our thanks to the world class research institutions we are fortunate to work with. Their dedication, insight and creativity continue to get Ontario noticed on the global stage. We also extend out thanks to our major partners, Genome Canada and the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation in the Province of Ontario for their leadership in recognizing the importance of genomics to Ontario’s future.


Dr. Brian Underdown
Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Mark Poznansky
President and CEO