Tian Nie


BioCreate Coordinator

Tian Nie
I’m excited to be a part of an organization working towards bringing cutting edge science out from the lab and into the world. Ontario has so much to offer to the global community through various genomics pathways, and I look forward to learning about and contributing to this growing ecosystem.

Dr. Tian Nie joined Ontario Genomics in June 2023. In her current role, Tian provides support for the Initial Funding Phase and build up of the mentorship component of the BioCreate Program.

Tian previously worked in Research Commercialization in the Business Development & Innovation Team at the University of Melbourne. She supported biomedical researchers and the Business Development team in applying for investor funding, connecting with the pharmaceutical industries, and supporting start-up creation. Her previous research experiences include cow genomics in Finland, genomic pathways of Alzheimer’s Disease, and more recently, effects of hormone therapy on bone growth and maintenance.

Tian received her Honours B.Sc. from the University of Toronto, and completed her Ph.D. studies with the Molecular Endocrinology and Musculoskeletal Research Group at the University of Melbourne.