Ontario-developed technology for screening variant libraries comes of age

Ranomics is a Toronto-based genomics company specializing in high-throughput mutagenesis and functional genomics screens, for the purpose of understanding genetic variations in human health. Leo Wan and Cathy Tie, who were both researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital at the time, founded the company in 2015. Both founders were distinguished scholars. Leo received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and was awarded the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. Cathy is a Thiel Fellow and recent Forbes’ 30 under 30-award recipient. Soon after launching the company, Ranomics was accepted into the first cohort of Indie Bio and subsequently set up business operations at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS Toronto.

As part of their mission to understand the consequences of genetic variations in human health, Ranomics developed a propriety pipeline to create and characterize all possible variants of a human disease gene. This proprietary pipeline, which can be adapted for a wide range of other applications, is now available as part of Ranomics’ VariantFind™ platform. VariantFind™ provides ready to screen DNA variant libraries for any gene of interest, regardless of length, GC composition or complex sequences. The technology is more cost-effective compared to traditional gene synthesis with a faster turnaround time. VariantFind™ libraries seamlessly integrate into a wide selection of downstream workflows, including antibody optimization, drug target validation and enzyme, protein and organism engineering. Libraries are tailored specifically for partners and can include single site saturation libraries, combinatorial variant libraries or scanning mutagenesis libraries.

The OG business development team worked with Ranomics to identify new business vertical and market opportunities for their core DNA variant library building technology. The discussions led to the launch of VariantFind™, which has proven to be a highly valuable platform for the synthetic biology market. “With the help of OG business team, Ranomics has obtained 5x growth in revenue in the past 2 quarters” said Leo Wan, Chief Scientific Officer at Ranomics. With the assistance of the OG team, Ranomics continues to grow their VariantFind™ platform while continuing their on-going R&D programs in studying genetic variations in human health.

Find out more about Ranomics, or to arrange a meeting email the company at: info@ranomics.com. You can also see Ranomics present at the upcoming national synthetic biology event: “Engineering Biology for Solution in Health, Food and the Environment” on March 6, 2018.

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