Personalized Medicine Reports

OPMN Reports

OPMN Subcommittee Reports

The OPMN struck three subcommittees to tackle some of the pressing issues impacting the realization of personalized medicine in Ontario. Each of three OPMN subcommittees has prepared a summary document outlining the specific challenges and opportunities relative to their respective mandates:

Introduction to Personalized Medicine

External Reports

Personalized Medicine Websites, Groups

  • Personalized Medicine Coalition– US advocacy group to advance “the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts and products for the benefit of patients”
  • PHG Foundation– International not-for-profit foundation to enable the translation of discoveries in biomedicine and personalized medicine in the UK; source of many excellent white papers
  • Public Population Project in Genomics and Society P3G” is an international consortium with a focus on biobanking, data harmonization and legal and social issues pertaining to these activities
  • Canadian Coalition for Genetic Fairness– Consortium of patient advocacy groups and organizations for diseases with a genetic basis)
  • HumGen International Resource centre for ethical, legal and social issues in human genetics based at McGill University, Montreal