Genomics Initiatives

Ontario has long been a leader in genomics scientific research and this knowledge could help policy makers to ensure that new policies are based on sound research and evidence. To this end, Ontario Genomics mobilizes stakeholders and leads consultation on global trends, such as:

  • Ontario’s Agriculture and Agri-Food sector, with a Strategy that presents a set of recommendations to ensure the continued sustainability and accelerated growth of Ontario’s AAF sector over the next decade.
  • Synthetic biology, making recommendations for Ontario to take bold and decisive action to seize the opportunity to advance synthetic biology as a convergent discipline, where IT, genomics and engineering collide to drive the next industrial and social revolution.
  • Personalized medicine, and access to health-related data that can support the policy makers in making informed decisions, improve our processes and policies for social and economic benefit of millions of Canadians.
  • Ontario’s Genomics Community, by facilitating multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers, innovators and end-users to accelerate the application of outcomes-focused solutions across all key sectors of the economy for a more productive, resilient, adaptive Ontario.