Ontario Genomics – Team Updates

We are excited to welcome new colleagues and announce some role changes at Ontario Genomics.

We would like to provide a warm welcome to Dr. Yoo Jin Park and Dr. Michael Dorrington, both joining us in the role of Advisor, Sector Innovation & Programs.

During Yoo Jin’s 10+ years in the biomedical research sector, she successfully led several projects across multiple therapeutic areas, including metabolism (obesity/diabetes), immuno-oncology, and cardiovascular diseases, resulting in high impact publications peer-reviewed journals. Before joining Ontario Genomics, Yoo Jin worked as a Scientist at Sanofi Pasteur, where she was responsible for validating and improving the vaccine manufacturing and quality testing processes.

Before joining Ontario Genomics, Mike was a post-doctoral fellow in the Laboratory of Immune System Biology at the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases outside of Washington, DC. In this position, he studied the many roles of antiviral cytokines in inflammation and antibacterial immune responses using cutting-edge genomic and transcriptomic technologies. He was also a post-doctoral representative to the NIH’s Immunology Interest Group.

Yoo Jin and Michael will support the Ontario Genomics community by implementing projects and programs to bring new genomic-derived solutions to Ontario’s key sectors.

We are pleased that Dr. Helen Petropoulos has taken on the role of Associate Vice-President, Sector Innovation and Programs. In this capacity, Helen will be responsible for our core translational research and commercialization programs and strategic initiatives to advance genomics in key sectors. Helen will also lead the Sector Innovation and Programs team.

Dr. Dennis McCormac, Associate Vice-President, Science and Innovation, has also grown his responsibilities as our Science-lead and will directly manage the Research Operations & Program Management team. In this capacity, Dennis will support our community to ensure that our investments in research and innovation lead to the desired outcomes.

Over the past several months, our communications team has also seen some exciting growth. Joining us in October 2019 as Director of Communications, Polina Martins is responsible for leading and implementing the Ontario Genomics communications strategy, supporting government and stakeholder engagement priorities, and executing events and other public relations initiatives.

Previously, Polina served as Senior Communications and Operations Advisor to several Ontario Government Ministers in Economic Development and Growth, Health and Long-Term Care, and Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation portfolios. She brings a unique blend of communications, government relations, stakeholder engagement, and events planning experience to this role.

Having successfully completed her Ontario Genomics practicum placement in the UofT M.H.Sc. Medical Genomics program, Zoya Retiwalla joins Ontario Genomics full-time in the role of Communications Coordinator, Programs and Outreach. Before joining Ontario Genomics, Zoya worked as a communication, marketing, and recruitment coordinator at the University of Toronto. She brings a diverse mix of scientific and genomic knowledge, communications, stakeholder engagement, and business experience to her role at Ontario Genomics. Zoya works with the communications team to provide ongoing communications support for Ontario Genomics programs and special initiatives.

As always, the whole Ontario Genomics team is here to support Ontario’s thriving genomics ecosystem. Should your organization or research team need any support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ontariogenomics.ca.

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