Ontario Genomics Institute is now Ontario Genomics

October 28, 2015

Over the past 15 years, our work in the genomics space, and the scientific landscape itself, has evolved significantly. Accordingly, we have changed the name of our organization from “Ontario Genomics Institute” to “Ontario Genomics.”

We see this change as an opportunity to align our name to more accurately reflect what we do as specialists: stimulating, enabling and nurturing genomics innovation in the province of Ontario. While we continue to work with companies, researchers, policy makers, funders and enablers to pull genomics technologies from the lab, removing the word “Institute” from our name eliminates the confusion that we ourselves participate in research.

All current processes and agreements will remain fully valid and continue without change. The name change does not affect the legal personality of the existing entity “Ontario Genomics Institute” which retains its rights and obligations in all existing legal relationships.