Instagram Live Podcast: Talking Genomics

Would you control how fast your hair grows?

Would you stop ageing if you could?

Would you participate in a COVID Vaccine early trial?

In this IG Live Bettina Hamelin, OG’s President & CEO and Dennis McCormac, our Associate VP, Science and Technology went live with Science Everywhere to answer some thought-provoking scientific questions.

Genomics, the mapping of genes, is a rapidly advancing field that holds the key to our future. Using genomics technologies, we could solve intricate problems related to health, agriculture, and the environment. Our experts decided to answer some quirky yet relevant genomic questions. Watch these videos to learn more about COVID vaccine trials, hair growth, dental hygiene and aging!

Talking Genomics

with Dr. Bettina Hamelin

Talking Genomics

with Dr. Dennis McCormac

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