CanDESyNe: Powered by Ontario Genomics

The Canadian DNA Engineering Systems Network (CanDESyNe) serves as the gateway to Canada’s industry-led engineering biology-enabled biomanufacturing and biotechnology ecosystem. This network powered by Ontario Genomics provides an engineering biology ecosystem to leverage Ontario’s tremendous advantage and capacity to collaborate across sectors and provinces to lead the 4th industrial revolution and the global bioeconomy-fueled markets.

The Can-DESyNe ecosystem leverages and connects existing and new regional and sector specific resources, multinationals, established SMEs, innovative start-ups and academic expertise to establish Canada as a global leader in novel, industrial scale advanced bio-manufacturing technologies and biotechnologies that will benefit numerous end users.

This ecosystem focuses on three sectors: health and biosciences, agriculture and agri-food, and industrial biotechnology:

Health and Biosciences

CanDESyNe enables the development and manufacture of innovative solutions such as cell-based treatments, evolvable therapies and highly sensitive diagnostics, with benefit to individual Canadians and Canadian healthcare systems.

Agriculture & Agri-food

CanDESyNe facilitates innovations such as sustainable protein production and improved crop design, ensuring long-term global food security in a changing climate.

Industrial Biotechnology

CanDESyNe provides clean manufacturing technologies to produce next-generation biofuels and biomaterials and utilizes alternative raw materials including waste streams to manufacture new products.

Visit the CanDESyNe Website for more information about this inititative.