Metals and minerals are the building blocks of our everyday lives – from computers, electronics, lasers and magnets, to, vehicles, buildings, coins and jewelry.

Mining for these metals and minerals accounted for $57 billion of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2014. In Ontario alone, the mining sector produces approximately $10 billion in yearly revenue, making it an important economic engine. Within this sector, innovation is critical to increasing productivity and competitiveness.

Genomics research in mining is an emerging field, but its applications and opportunities are being recognized as a source of tremendous potential growth, and a way to position the sector to meet the increased demand for metals and minerals in the future.

Within the mining sector, genomics can help to:

  • Inform decisions throughout the mining cycle by providing a better understanding of the biological and geochemical processes that impact mining
  • Provide tools for environmental assessment and monitoring, including ‘biomonitoring’ to better describe and understand biological diversity and mitigate environmental threats
  • Contribute to new bioremediation techniques and improve monitoring of these strategies to proactively help mitigate environmental risk
  • Augment current exploration techniques for detecting ore deposits
  • Improve extraction processes/leaching techniques in a more sustainable manner

At Ontario Genomics, we aim to understand both the challenges and opportunities in the mining sector. We will work with you to help find innovative approaches to address these needs.  Learn more about how Ontario Genomics can help your business.

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