The energy sector encompasses electricity generation and storage, the oil and gas industry, nuclear power and other alternative sources of power such as hydroelectric, thermal, solar and wind.

Within Ontario, the energy sector is a key producer on the global stage, and a critical driver of economy and employment. Amid the economic and environmental pressures to create a viable, sustainable and efficient energy sector, Ontario is committed to the creation of sustainable alternatives, the optimization of current energy sources, and the pursuit of renewable sources of energy such as biofuels.

Within the energy sector, genomics helps to:

  • Identify and target the microbes involved in well souring and pipeline corrosion
  • Develop microbes that help clean up oil spills
  • Identify alternative ways of generating and storing electricity
  • Improve assessment, monitoring and compliance procedures in the oil and gas industry

At Ontario Genomics, we aim to understand both the challenges and opportunities in the energy sector. We will work with you to help find innovative solutions to address these needs.  Learn more about how Ontario Genomics can help your business.

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