Genomics Technology Supporting Craft Brewing Industry

The beer sector contributes $13.6 billion to the Canadian GDP and has an economic impact of more than three times that of wine and spirits combined. The contribution of craft beer to the beer sector is growing and is predicted to triple by 2027. Nonetheless, local craft beer competes with many imported beers. This, along with the ever-increasing consumer demand for product diversity, drives the industry to more innovative, increase quality and efficiency while decreasing costs.

In this industry-academic partnership, Escarpment Laboratories and the University of Guelph will determine the genetic composition of 40 commonly used and novel beer yeast strains to gain insight into its capacity to complete fermentations efficiently and to produce certain flavour components. It will also determine the optimal fermentation temperature and yeast nutrient needs and correlate the production procedures with specific flavour compounds. This will allow brewers to be more consistent and predictable and drive both innovation and profitability in Ontario’s craft brewing sector.

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