Genomics Technology Platforms (GTP)


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The Genomics Technology Platforms (GTP) enables innovation centres across Canada to collaborate and harness their collective power for the advancement of genomics research.

Currently there are 10 platforms, each receiving core operational funding from Genome Canada, with matching funds from various public and private sector partners. The platforms provide Canadian and international researchers access to leading-edge technologies used in genomics, metabolomics, proteomics and other related areas of research, and assist researchers in the development of research proposals by providing advice on appropriate technologies, study design, data analysis and bioinformatics that improve the quality of the research.

Furthermore, the highly-qualified personnel within each platform provide the Canadian research community with advice and expertise on the selection and use of appropriate technologies, study design, data analysis and bioinformatics, ensuring Canadian research remains world-class and highly competitive on a global scale.

Ontario platforms

Four of the 10 centres in Canada’s Genomics Technology Platforms (GTP) were funded in Ontario and one in Quebec, co-led by Ontario Genomics. These technology platforms provide researchers with access to cutting-edge genomics technologies.

Awarded projects