2016 Genomics Technology Platforms Competition: Operations Support and Technology Development Funds (CLOSED)


Genome Canada



This competition is closed. All submitted proposals will be assessed according to the process outlined in the competition timeline, and results will be announced as indicated.

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Genome Canada’s mission includes a commitment to provide researchers across Canada access to leading edge genomic1 technologies. Genome Canada fulfills this part of its mandate by supporting a number of genomics technology platforms across Canada.

Each technology platform provides researchers access to high throughput genomic technologies such as DNA sequencing, RNA expression, protein identification and quantitation, and metabolomics, as well as new method and protocol development, data analysis and bioinformatics. Each platform also assists researchers in the development of research proposals by providing advice on appropriate technologies, study design, data analysis and bioinformatics that improves the quality of the research. The platforms also develop new and improved genomic technologies ensuring that the services they provide are able to support cutting edge genomics research.

This funding opportunity has two main objectives:

  1. To select the technology platforms best able to provide Canadian researchers access to leading edge genomic technologies and methods.
  2. To enable the selected platforms to develop new technologies and/or improve existing technologies that will improve services provided by the platform and will ensure that they remain at the forefront in providing access to leading edge genomics technologies and methods.

Funds Available

  • This is an open competition for a five-year funding period with a maximum total envelope of $15 million per year available from Genome Canada. The last two years of funding are subject to the successful outcome of an interim review for each platform and Genome Canada securing additional funding.
  • The maximum available funds from Genome Canada for each successful platform will be $2 million per year over five years.
  • 1:1 co-funding will be required. In cases where co-funding is associated with technology development, the co-funding must be allocated specifically for the proposed technology development project.

Each potential technology platform must provide access to leading edge genomic technologies on a fee-for-service basis and show demand for services based on past, current and potential future projects.

1.The term genomics is defined here as the comprehensive study, using high throughput technologies, of the genetic information of a cell or organism, including the function of specific genes, their interactions with each other and the activation and suppression of genes. For purposes of describing Genome Canada’s mandate it also includes related disciplines such as bioinformatics, epigenomics, metabolomics, metagenomics, proteomics and transcriptomics.