Ontario Genomics + SynBio
Landing Pad Program

Ontario SynBio + Genomics Landing Pad Program
Call for ‘omics or synthetic biology startups solving global challenges in therapeutics, future of food, biomaterials, biological tools, diagnostics and bioinformatics/AI based technologies

The Ontario Genomics + SynBio Landing Pad Program seeks to provide financial and in-kind support to kickstart and scale genomics and engineering biology companies in Ontario. Ontario Genomics is partnering with Ontario’s leading incubators and support organizations, such as Velocity and Synapse, as well as international accelerators such as IndieBio (San Francisco, USA), backed by global venture capital firm SOSV.

  • Successful teams will receive $100,000 CAD in support from Ontario Genomics
  • Lab space and mentorship will be provided through our incubator partners in Ontario (Velocity provides $50,000 CAD in value to eligible start-ups)
  • Support is dependant upon successful acceptance to and completion of a relevant international accelerator program (IndieBio provides over $300,000 CAD in funding to companies).

How it works:

How the Landing Pad Program works
*Impacting at least 100M people or is part of a $1B market

Partners include:

  • Velocity is Canada’s most productive incubator combining expertise, tools, business advisory, and product development services in one program (and one amazing place—over 37,000 ft2!) to create a suite of extraordinary resources for exceptional founders and a proven launch system for post-accelerated deep tech companies.
  • Synapse Life Science Consortium is a partnership of anchor life science organizations in the Hamilton region. Synapse supports the commercialization of health innovation.
  • IndieBio is the world leading biotech accelerator program, turning scientists into entrepreneurs and accelerating companies. IndieBio provides startup companies with $250,000 USD in funding, companies move to San Francisco for 4 months to participate in the accelerator program. Their portfolio includes Memphis Meats, Pure Cultures, Qidni and many others

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Get started!

  • Step 1: Contact Britney Hess, bhess@ontariogenomics.ca, for more information on how to apply
  • Step 2: Receive curated introduction to an accelerator (eg. IndieBio) and application coaching
  • Step 3: If accepted you will receive investment, space, and mentorship through world-renowned accelerator programs
  • Step 4: Upon return from the accelerator program (if all or part of your operations are in Ontario) you will be eligible for up to $100,000 “Landing Pad” funding from Ontario Genomics as well as access to an Ontario Incubator such as Velocity (1 year no-cost advisement support and lab space access: $50K value).