9 genomics companies you need to know

From The Ground UP

From the Ground UP

Help us celebrate the successes of genomics companies that ‘grew’ with our support

Over the last 20 years, Ontario Genomics, together with the Ontario Government, Genome Canada, and academic, clinical and industry partners, has built a world-leading genomics ecosystem in Ontario. As part of our 20th Anniversary celebration, we highlighted nine success stories from the past two decades to share the advantage that genomics technology brings to industries across different sectors.

The Ontario Genomics Advantage 

We have been ‘rooting’ for genomic advancement for decades. Ontario Genomics has been connecting and collaborating to support genomics research and technologies to help ‘grow’ the economy, create jobs, and improve lives through innovation.

Ontario Genomics Advantage

Learn more about our amazing start-up successes stories:

We “be-leaf” in creating an impactful footprint in genomics innovation. Great happens together and with collaborative research we can achieve the incredible. It is amazing to see our industry partners blossom into new and exciting chapters.

OG Advantage Ardra Bio OG Advantage Bright Angel Therapeutics
OG Advantage Deep Genomics OG Advantage Escarpment Labs
OG Advantage Fluidigm OG Advantage Nicoya
OG Advantage Northern Biologics OG Advantage Platform Genetics
OG Advantage Rapid Novor  

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