Canada\’s Bio-Revolution 2020 Webinar Series – Editing our Economic Future: The Power of CRISPR

Editing our Economic Future: The Power of CRISPR

On September 28, 2020 we were thrilled to partner with the Gairdner Foundation to bring you one of their Global Perspectives Panels as our first first Canada\’s Bio-Revolution 2020 Webinar Series. “Editing our Economic Future: The Power of CRISPR” showcased a conversation between Gairdner Foundation laureates and leading Canadian researchers on using the opportunities and applications of gene editing, specifically by using CRISPR/Cas9, to transform multiple sectors, from therapeutics to diagnostics, agriculture, and low carbon manufacturing, all of which have a profound impact on our economy.

This discussion centred on the development of these molecular tools and their applications, and potential challenges to adoption. In addition, Canadian researchers spoke about how they are applying gene editing to address problems like cancer treatment and fungal resistance for crops.

This webinar was moderated by Dr. Janet Rossant, President and Scientific Director, Gairdner Foundation and featured expert speakers such as:

Additionally, Dr. Bettina Hamelin, Ontario Genomics, President and CEO, shared her remarks about the importance of CRISPR in shaping our economic future. In case you missed this virtual event, you can watch it here on demand.

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