In vivo proof of principle study for a novel anticancer therapeutic (2015)


Human Health


Formation Biologics Inc. (formerly AvidBiologics) is an oncology drug development company dedicated to anti-cancer biologics. Through PBDF funding, the company aims to develop AVID200, a novel anticancer agent targeting a protein expressed by a variety of solid tumours including lung, breast, and head and neck. Specifically, Formation Biologics is developing antibodies that are linked to highly toxic chemotherapeutic drugs, and these antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) target a specific cell surface receptor known to contribute to the etiology of various cancers. ADCs can selectively recognize specific proteins in cancer cells without damaging most normal tissues. This type of cancer therapeutic has the potential for superior safety and efficacy compared to older generation treatments. The company will perform a pilot safety study of this ADC to accelerate their drug development process for AVID200. “We are very grateful to have received an investment from the Ontario Genomics Institute to further development of this important anti-cancer therapeutic,” said Ilia Tikhomirov, President and CEO of Formation Biologics. “Programs like OGI’s Pre-commercialization Business Development Fund are crucial to the success of early stage biotechnology companies in Ontario.”