Tapping into the potential of genomics in mining

Lesley Warren, McMaster University, and Stephanie Marshall, Glencore, discuss how their collaboration can help better understand the role of microbes and how genomics information can be used to meet the goals of environmental stewardship, efficiency and sustainability in the mining industry.

Phytoremediation of nickel-copper mine tailings

Ambiotek (página web en español) is an emerging company developing environmental solutions including a phytostabilization technology for use towards mine tailings reclamation. This technology was initially developed for tailings in Chile. OGI helped Ambiotek partner with researchers at the Vale Living with Lakes Centre at Laurentian University (Drs Daniel Campbell, Nathan Basiliko and Nadia Mykytczuk) to characterize the rhizosphere microbial communities of plants that grow on tailings near Sudbury, Ontario with the long term aim of further developing the phytostabilization technology for colder environments.

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