Agriculture, Agri-Food & Aquaculture

Ontario’s diverse agriculture, agri-food and aquaculture[1] sectors are the focus of three new funding opportunities. All of these new project funding opportunities require partnering researchers together with end-users[2] in their respective sectors. We work directly with researchers, and end-users to:

  • access funding
  • find and connect with the right research and/or end-user partners
  • help develop competitive project funding proposals

Agriculture & Agri-Food Funding Opportunities

Agriculture, Agri-Food & Aquaculture Funding Opportunities

If you are a researcher with or a business seeking a genomics-driven innovation aimed at addressing a challenge or an opportunity in Ontario’s Agriculture, Agri-Food Sector or Aquaculture sector, contact us now.  Early contact with us will increase the chance of connecting you with the right partners and improving the likelihood of your project funding success.

[1] Aquaculture projects are eligible for two of three funding programs:  GAPP and LSARP.
[2] End-users can include companies (private/public, Canadian/foreign-owned), industry consortia and associations, government departments and agencies (federal, provincial and municipal) and not-for-profit organizations. The different funding programs will have their respective requirements regarding end-users. Contact us to learn more.

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