2018 Canada SynBio – Gallery

Photographs may be downloaded for non-commercial use on the condition that credit be given to the photographer, Connie Tsang

Conference Opening
Welcome – Ihor Boszko, VP Business Development, Ontario Genomics
Opening Remarks – Mona Nemer, Chief Science Advisor of Canada
Introduction – Marc LePage, President and CEO, Genome Canada

Keynote: Engineering Biology in the Era of Genomics
Bill Peck, CTO and Co-Founder, Twist Bioscience

Panel: AI and Computation Meet Synthetic Biology
Alison Paprica, VP Health Strategy and Partnerships, Vector Institute (Moderator)
Brenda Andrews, Donnelly Centre Director, University of Toronto
Nathan Magarvey, Founder and CSO, Adapsyn
Ratmir Derda, University of Alberta/CEO, 48 Hour Discovery

Keynote: Building a Successful Synthetic Biology Ecosystem
Stephen Chambers, CEO, SynbiCITE (UK)

Panel: Reducing our Carbon Footprint with Synthetic Biology
Catalina Lopez-Correa, CSO & VP Sectors, Genome BC (Moderator)
Rasmus Jensen, Sr. Scientist, LanzaTech
Cathy Hass, Sr. Scientist, BioAmber
Murray McLaughlin, Advisor, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada
David Bressler, Professor/BCN Director, University of Alberta/Forge Hydrocarbons
Steven Hallam, University of British Columbia, ECOSCOPE Director

Panel: Human Health – From Gene Editing to Stem Cells
Molly Shoichet, Ontario’s Chief Scientist (Moderator)
Peter Zandstra, University of British Columbia/CSO, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine
Krishna Mahadevan, University of Toronto
Rob Holt, University of British Columbia

Writing DNA. Advances in synthetic biology construction from genes to genomes
Adam Clore, Technical Director of Synthetic Biology, Integrated DNA Technologies

Panel: Writing Genomes
BF Francis Ouellette, CSO/VP of Scientific Affairs, Genome Quebec (Moderator)
Vincent Martin, Concordia University
Leslie Mitchell, NYU
Bogumil Karas, Western University
Vardit Ravitsky, Université de Montréal

Panel: VC Investor Showcase
Joško Bobanović, Sofinnova Partners (Moderator)
Ken Nickerson, OMERS Ventures
Jean-François Pariseau, BDC Venture Capital
Sean O’Sullivan, SOSV
Andreas Jurgeit, M Ventures
Jenny Rooke, Genoa Ventures

Panel: Food Biotech 2.0 and Learning from GMOs
Jun Axup, Scientific Director and Partner, Indie Bio (Moderator)
Ian Affleck, VP of Plant Biotechnology, CropLife Canada
Neal Carter, President and Founder, Okanagan Specialty Fruits
David Conley, Director of Communications, AquaBounty Technologies
Jennifer Kuzma, Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Science and Society, ISSP, University of Ottawa

Lightning Talks: SynBio Start-Ups
Anita Ludwar, Business Analyst, Genome Alberta (Moderator)
Hans-Joachim Wieden, SynBridge
David Lloyd, CEO, FREDsense
Pratish Gawand, CEO, Ardra Bio
Justin Pahara, CSO, Amino Labs
Bogumil Karas, CEO, Designer Microbes
Kevin Chen, CEO, Hyasynth Bio
Leo Wan, CEO, Ranomics

Conference Wrap Up
Yung Wu, CEo, MaRS Discovery District
Bettina Hamelin, CEO, Ontario Genomics

Conference Networking & Reception