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Genomics and mining? Really?

If you thought that genomics can only be applied to healthcare, you might be surprised to learn that at an Innovation Lunch and Learn hosted by McEwen Mining, Drs. Lesley Warren and Elizabeth Edwards shared some of the ways in which genomics can be applied to the mining industry.

“There are microbes out there that can do wonderful things,” says Elizabeth Edwards [Video]  In fact they make up 85% of biomass on Earth, and can help us learn about everything from optimizing bioleaching processes to decontaminating mines.

Metagenomics sampling, microbial communities and bioremediation can all help to address groundwater contamination among other issues in the mining industry. Speaking about the rapid rate of advancement in genomics technologies, Lesley Warren points out that, “The tools are finally at a point where we can apply them readily.” [Video]

To help you learn more about applying genomics to mining, we’ve released the Evaluation of Potential Genomic Applications in the Mining Industry report with SRK Consulting and Genome BC.

First to invest

As leaders in identifying the potential for, and investing in the development of early-stage genomics and proteomics discoveries, we are often the first to invest in winning ideas that will be attractive to later-stage investors for commercialization of the technology.

Through our demand-pull model, along with our affiliation with Genome Canada, we’ve successfully identified, nurtured and de-risked these ideas, helping the following companies to take the next step and secure larger investments from our downstream partners.

  • ArcticDX
  • Encycle Therapeutics
  • Northern Biologics
  • DVS Sciences
  • Xagenic
  • Rna Diagnostics
  • Fio
  • Deep Genomics
  • ProMIS Neurosciences

In addition, our early seed funding program exhibits an outstanding success rate. Five out of seven of the companies we have given funding to between 2005 and 2012 have generated revenue or raised follow-on capital. Learn more about the upcoming PBDF funding and other opportunities and contact our business leads to find out how we can help you take your discovery to the next level.

Need early-stage funding to test your product? Apply for PBDF

Ontario Genomics’ Pre-commercialization Business Development Fund (PBDF) is now open for applications.

The PBDF is an investment fund that enables the commercialization of ‘omics/life sciences research and technology development.  Specifically, the PBDF aims to provide early-stage funding as companies (on their own or with academic collaborators) move towards commercial applications, and speed up the transfer of products from lab to marketplace.