2012 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Project Competition

Genome Canada in partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has launched a Request for Applications (RFA) on June 20th, 2012, seeking proposals for projects in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

The major objectives of this RFA are to (1) support the development of next generation Bioinformatics and Computational Biology tools and methodologies that will be required by the research community to deal with the influx of large amounts of data produced by modern genomics technologies; and, (2) provide broad access of these new Bioinformatics and Computational Biology tools to the research community.

Two categories of proposals will be considered which should address real world challenges and currently recognized needs in the field:

Large-Scale Applied Projects (LAP), with duration of up to three years, will tackle large-scale, complex problems with direct applicability to genomics. This longer term funding is intended to allow multi-disciplinary teams to develop robust, user-friendly tools needed by the genomics research community.   Projects will be awarded $250k - $500k Genome Canada / CIHR funds which need to be co-funded at a ratio of 1:1.

Small-Scale Innovative Projects (SIP), with duration of up to two years, will allow researchers to investigate small-scale, innovative or transformative ideas with the potential for being disruptive.  Projects will be awarded $125k - $250k Genome Canada / CIHR funds which will not require co-funding.

Applications should encourage the involvement of researchers from a variety of other disciplines including, but not limited to, biology, statistics and mathematics.

Application Material and Relevant Links:

RFA and Guidelines
•    Request for Applications (RFA) [click here]
•    Guidelines for Funding Research Projects [click here]
•    December 2011 Bioinformatics workshop report [click here]

•    List of Canada-wide Registrations [click here]
•    Registration Form [click here]
•    Suggested Reviewer Appendix [click here]

Full Application forms – due September 17, 2012 – submit via E-mail to funding@ontariogenomics.ca
•    Full Application form for LAPs [click here]
•    Full Application form for SIPs [click here]
•    Full Application Budget and Co-funding Appendix (for LAP and SIP)  [click here]
•    OGI - Financial Guide - BCB 2012 Full Application [click here]
•    Full Application Review Criteria – see Appendix 1 of the RFA or [click here]
•    Download all Application Material in office 97-03 format [click here]

Other Resources:
•    Genome Canada Competition webpage [click here]
•    Slides from OGI information session [click here]

Funding Parameters:

Large-Scale Applied Projects
•    $4M total funding available to fund at least 8 projects
•    $250k-$500k GC/CIHR funds per project
•    up to 3 years duration
•    1:1 co-funding required

Small-Scale Innovative Projects
•    $2M total funding available to fund at least 8 projects
•    $125k-$250k GC/CIHR funds per project
•    up to 2 years duration
•    NO co-funding required

Note that in this competition Genome Canada will place a great emphasis on the potential ability of the proposed research to lead to benefits for the research community.  Applicants should carefully read the evaluation criteria for each type of project which differ significantly.

Competition Timeline

June 20, 2012 Launch of Request for Applications (RFA)
July 20, 2012 Registration due date - Genome Centres
 July 23, 2012  Due date for eligible registrations – Genome Canada
 July 27, 2012  Applicants notified by Genome Centres of eligibility of Registration
 September 17, 2012  Deadline for Full Applications to OGI for friendly review; no signatures required at this point
 October 5, 2012 Return of full applications and friendly review feedback to Applicants
 October 31, 2012 Deadline for completed and signed Full Applications to OGI, for OGI to add the Genome Centre signature
 November 2, 2012  Deadline for Full Applications to Genome Canada
 Mid-January, 2013  Review committee meeting
 Late January, 2013  Decisions by Genome Canada and Partners
 Early February, 2013  Notification of Decision