Research Programs

OGI facilitates the development of Ontario-led, cutting-edge research projects in genomics and associated technology development and access.  We work with project teams to identify funding which will lead to the creation of strategic genomics resources.
Since inception, OGI has worked with some 65 projects, covering a broad spectrum of genomics applications and with budgets totaling over $800 million.  Projects range from two to five years, with an average budget of $12 million, but have been as high as $180 million for large-scale international consortia.

Project funding comes from a variety of sources, including Genome Canada (from Industry Canada), the Government of Ontario, other provincial/state governments, and private foundations.

Project leaders are based at academic research institutions in Ontario.  The majority of projects involve other Canadian and international co-investigators from academia and industry.

In addition to genomics and proteomics science, many projects assess the effects of their research and discoveries on society through genomics-related ethical, economic, environmental, legal, and social impact research.

The OGI team organizes and sponsors activities that encourage funding opportunities for genomics in Ontario. Upcoming and past events, and conferences that OGI staff will be attending, are available on our events page.