The Outreach team at OGI collaborates with partners in the life sciences, education, entertainment, and the media to increase the visibility and understanding of Ontario’s genomics research at home and abroad. It also facilitates informed public dialogue about genomics and its impact on society.

We organize public forums, lectures, and workshops to address new discoveries and emerging challenges ranging from the hunt for autism genes, through nutrigenomics and your health, to stem cell research.

We look to the future by inspiring the next generation of researchers through programs such as the OGI Summer Research Fellowships for Ontario undergraduate students and the OGI Genomics Teaching Award for Ontario secondary school teachers.

We have engaged in innovative collaborations between science and the arts, ranging from theatrical productions that explore genomics and its impact on society, such as Ferocious Beauty: Genome, to working with Shaftesbury Films, creator of the internationally acclaimed TV series ReGenesis, to provide the companion columns, OGI’s Facts Behind the Fiction and OGI’s Science and Society, which explore the show’s portrayal of science and its impact on society.

This section of our website leads to descriptions of past and upcoming events, initiatives, and programs. Please explore them and let us know if you would like to participate in upcoming activities or to work with us to create something new!


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