Media Centre


This media centre is designed to keep media representatives, the public and other stakeholders informed about the impact of genomics research funded through OGI, and of events and activities led and/or supported by OGI.

Here, you will find the latest press releases from OGI; joint news announcements with partner organizations; corporate publications and other informational content. 

For Media:

OGI can provide media representatives with:

  • Expert spokespeople on genomics and related research, including the impact of such research on human and animal health, the environment,agriculture, energy, industry, and natural resource management;
  • Access to scientists and researchers funded through OGI who work in a number of genomics-related areas;
  • Background materials and informal briefings on genomics-related topics to aid the writing or production of science-related news pieces.

To call upon OGI for any of the above, or for other media inquiries, please contact us at:

T:  +1 416-977-9582