Ontario Genomics’ business development team works with the health, agriculture, bio-products, forestry, water, mining, and energy sectors to bridge the gap between basic research and commercialization, by helping companies and entrepreneurs:

  • identify potential genomics solutions to address their business challenges
  • access Genome Canada funding for joint projects with academic researchers, as well as other public and private funding opportunities
  • finance early-stage, high-risk, high-potential genomics projects through our Pre-commercialization Business Development Fund (PBDF), and coach entrepreneurs to successfully commercialize their innovations
  • connect with researchers and develop collaborations that meet their business needs through consultation with Ontario Genomics’ sector leads, and through Ontario’s Genomics Sector Innovation Network
  • access Ontario’s genomics technology platforms and vendors of genomics instruments, reagents, and tools.

Genomics has already, and will have a major impact on the advancement of society in many ways.  By understanding genes, or the blue print, of how humans, plants, microorganisms and animals work, we can find solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing us today.