GE³LS Research

Rapid advances in genomics and its broad range of applications present new and complex economic, environmental, ethical, legal, and social issues for individuals and society. For this reason, Ontario Genomics supports not only scientific research but also projects that aim to better understand and address new discoveries’ effects on society.

At Ontario Genomics, and across the Genome Canada family of regional genome centres, we refer to this research on genomics-related economic, environmental, ethical, legal, and social issues as “GE³LS research.”

GE3LS research investigates questions at the intersection of genomics and society. It provides stakeholders the insights needed to anticipate impacts of scientific advances in genomics, avoid pitfalls, cultivate success, and ultimately, contribute to Canada’s leadership in the 21st century global bioeconomy. GE3LS researchers come from many disciplines in social sciences and the humanities, including business, law, communications, and public policy. They often help bridge gaps between genomics researchers and other stakeholders.

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