2017 Large-Scale Applied Research Project (LSARP) Competition: Genomics and Precision Health


Genome Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), has announced a Request for Applications (RFA) for the 2017 Large Scale Applied Research Project Competition “Genomics and Precision Health”.

In the context of this competition precision health is an evidence-based approach to decision making with regards to health care. The spectrum of precision health includes health maintenance and disease prevention, through early detection, to disease prognosis and treatment of disease. Through this RFA, activities can be targeted to any part of the precision health spectrum but must demonstrate the potential to contribute to a more evidence-based approach to health and thereby improve health outcomes, and/or have the potential to enhance the cost-effectiveness of the health-care system. Proposed projects should attain concrete deliverables by the end of the funding period that have the potential to be subsequently translated into valuable treatments, tools or improved health-care policies and practices.

Funds Available

  • There is up to $44 million available for this competition through Genome Canada and up to $26.5 million from CIHR.
  • Genome Canada and CIHR will provide support for projects ranging in total size from $2 million to $10 million. The Genome Canada/CIHR investment cannot exceed more than 50% of the total investment in the project by all parties; the remaining 50% must be secured through co-funding. (Note that projects with a total size that exceeds $10 million will be considered as long as the Genome Canada contribution does not exceed $5 million)
  • Successful individual projects will be awarded funding for a term of up to four years.

Genome Canada funds can be awarded to researchers and scholars affiliated with the following institutions and organizations:

  • Canadian post-secondary organizations and their affiliated institutions including hospitals and research institutes
  • Canadian non-federal government departments or agencies and not-for-profit organizations with an explicit research or knowledge-translation mandate.

Research teams may include as co-applicants international, private sector, or federal laboratory scientists. However, Genome Canada funding is restricted to activities performed within Genome Canada eligible institutions.

All applicants must identify and address key ethical, economic, environmental, legal and/or social aspects relevant to the genomics research (GE3LS) being proposed as part of the overall research plan. Stand-alone GE3LS proposals are also eligible to be submitted as large-scale projects. Examples of previously funded GE3LS research in Ontario.

Application Material and Relevant Links:

RFA and Guidelines:
Request for Applications (RFA)
Guidelines for Funding

Registration Forms: 
All applications must be submitted electronically to ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca
Registration Form
Suggested Reviewers Form

Pre-Application Forms: 
All applications must be submitted electronically to ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca
Pre-Application Form
Pre-Application Summary Budget and Co-funding Appendix

Full Application Forms:
All applications must be submitted electronically to ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca
2017 LSARP Full Application
2017 LSARP Budget

Other Resources:
Genome Canada Competition

Competition Timeline

To better prepare the projects being submitted from Ontario for this competition, Ontario Genomics will engage external reviewers and consultants to perform a friendly review of the draft applications.  Please note that to accommodate this process the Ontario Genomics deadlines differ from those in the official RFA from Genome Canada.  Applicants will receive feedback on their applications including gaps and areas for improvement to be addressed prior to submission to Genome Canada.

Researchers in Ontario intending to submit an application are strongly encouraged to contact Ontario Genomics to discuss details of the competition such as scope, application process, tips for writing the Benefits to Canada Section of the proposal, how to incorporate GE3LS in proposals, and co-funding requirements.

February 7, 2017, 1:00PM Informational Webinar (instructions)
March 2, 2017, 10:00AM Draft Registrations due to Ontario Genomics*
Submit to ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca
March 13, 2017, 10:00AM Final Registrations due to Ontario Genomics
Submit to ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca
March 16, 2017 Eligible Registrations due to Genome Canada
April 3, 2017, 10:00AM Draft Pre-Applications due to Ontario Genomics
Submit to ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca
May 4, 2017, 10:00AM Final Pre-Applications due to Ontario Genomics
Submit to ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca
May 11, 2017 Pre-Applications due to Genome Canada
July, 2017 Pre-Application Results
August 28, 2017, 10:00AM Draft Full Application due to Ontario Genomics
September 25, 2017, 10:00AM Final Full Applications due to Ontario Genomics
October 5, 2017 Full Applications due to Genome Canada
Late November 2017 Review Committee meets (including meetings with applicants)
Mid December 2017 Notification of Decision

*Ontario Genomics does not require institutional signatures on Registrations, but institutional requirements may vary, so please check with your institution.

If you have any questions, please attend the webinar (instructions) or contact Caitlin Taylor, Manager of Research and Business Development at ctaylor@ontariogenomics.ca.